TRAINING: Field Training Officer

The Hillsborough County Department of Corrections' Field Training Officers Program was established in February of 1992. This program established an evaluation system for new officer candidates and created formalized standard operating procedures.

Currently our Field Training Officers maintain the highest level of professional standards. They are energetic, dedicated, team oriented and they are extremely hard working. In the Fiscal Year 1999 the Field Training Officers conducted approximately 18,000 officer candidate training hours, assisting the department in maintaining professional and competent staff.

Field Training Officers conduct weekly evaluation on their officers (trainees) and are also responsible for authorizing sections of a proficiency checklist in which a list of job responsibilities must be taught to the new recruits. Along with these additional tasks they must still fulfill all aspects of their assigned duty station.

Field Training Officers are distinguished from other officers by the collar insignia FTO pin located on the left collar of their uniform. After completing a full year as a Field Training Officer they will also be presented with an award ribbon which will be above their name tag and above their right breast pocket.

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